Safety Information

Where our SERVICE is your SAFETY

Kevin and Shane Duncan, owners of Mountain West Propane, Inc. are committed to the highest levels of safety within our organization and industry. MWP is consistently setting the standard for safety within our service area and beyond. MWP has a Gas Check Safety program that is an added service provided to our customers at little cost to them. Also, our “Out of Gas Policy”, although detested by some, is aimed at keeping our customers safe and in compliance with regulatory codes.

For Example: You try to light a burner on the cook stove and nothing happens. You go to check the propane tank, leaving the burner still on. You order and receive a propane delivery. Gas begins filling your home from the burner you left on. If the gas reaches an ignition source, a fire or explosion could result. For this reason, our company policy requires a leak test be done on any tank that runs completely out, because we would find that the burner was left on before the gas entered your home; thus, avoiding a potential accident. We want to keep you safe.

We feel that safety is where we stand apart from our competition. It has been said that, “Safety doesn’t happen by accident.” This is why we have adopted the slogan, “Where our Service is your Safety.” As the owners, employees, drivers and secretaries of Mountain West Propane, this means we will keep you, our customers, safe.

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Propane is odorless. Therefore, all propane has an odorant added to it that smells like rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray, or a dead animal. If you smell something like that around your furnaces or other gas appliances, please call us immediately 24/7/365!