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Kevin & Shane Duncan, Owners
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At Mountain West Propane, Inc. our goal is growth and prosperity through partnerships with customers and vendors who share our traditional values.

These values are:
SAFETY: Our training and equipment are all optimized to keep our customers,
employees and the general public from harm.

SERVICE: We strive to provide timely and cost effective service for our customers through the utilization of properly spec'd equipment, quality employees and proactive communication with our customers.

INTEGRITY: The well-being of our customer's business is an integral facet of our company's personality. Consequently, we will always be honest, fair and forthright in our dealings with them.

RESPECT: The cornerstone of our business is respect and consideration for all of the people Mountain West Propane, Inc. interacts with including customers, vendors, employees, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. We strive to recognize and respect all the myriad forces that govern the lives and behavior of all we connect with in the course of operating our company.

FAMILIES: As an employer, Mountain West Propane, Inc. is committed to providing a work environment that is respectful of the family obligations of its employees. To this end, we provide competitive compensation and flexible scheduling for our employees to better enable them to find and maintain a balance between work and home.